Cryptolocker Malware

There’s new malware out in the wild now and it’s one of the nastiest ever created. Cryptolocker is a form of ransomware: software that locks you out of something until you give it what it wants (usually money). It is currently being spread via an email attachment. What makes Cryptolocker so potent is its sound use of cryptographic techniques. Similar to the same technologies that keep us saf…

MoneyPak Scam

The FBI Anti-Piracy Warning MoneyPak Ransom is a computer virus, which will display a bogus notification that pretends to be from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and states that your computer has been blocked due to it being involved with the distribution of pornographic material, SPAM and copyrighted content.  The FBI Anti-Piracy Warning virus will lock you out of your computer and…

Keep Windows safe with anti-virus programs

Keeping your computer safe is a very important part of keeping a functional machine. Viruses slow down your PC, cause massive issues with even operating the system and could even result in a financial loss.

Luckily now days, there are many anti-virus programs out there to try to keep you safe. If you have recently purchased a new Windows 8 PC, the good news is that there is already one built…

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