Mail Procedures

Mailing Address:
3050 South Justice Way
Kankakee, IL 60901

  • All mail either incoming or outgoing will be searched by an employee of the Kankakee County Sheriff’s Department.
  • Hard cover books and calendars are not allowed in the facility and will not be accepted through the mail.
  • Only new books (no used) may be shipped into the facility only through a bookstore, warehouse or publisher. You may send books to an inmate through Barnes and Noble, or a similar retailer.
  • No cards that play music are allowed.
  • All incoming mail must have a return address that includes both a name and an address.
  • No blank stationary, blank envelopes, stamps or blank stamped envelopes will be accepted. These items must be purchased off of commissary.
  • If an inmate has left the facility or has been transferred to another facility their mail will only be held for thirty days.
  • Pictures are allowed, no more than five (5). However, no pictures over the standard 4 x 6 size will be accepted.
  • Pictures may not contain any nudity, gang symbols or activity, use of drugs or alcohol or any representation of illegal activity.
  • All mail must be sent through the United States Post office or a commercial equivalent and may not be dropped off at the facility.
  • Any correspondence with another incarcerated person is prohibited unless previously approved by the Chief of Corrections.
  • Must have full address including detainees JCDC identification number.
  • Pictures with foreign substances on them will be destroyed.
  • No more than 5 pages of internet material will be accepted, not including case logs/legal material.
  • Copied Case Law or legal material will be accepted.
  • No foreign substances allowed on envelopes or on letters, ie. lipstick, perfume. If not opened mail will be returned to sender, if discovered after being opened it will be destroyed as contraband.
  • No stickers on envelopes or letters.
  • Plain greeting cards are advised. Cards with extras (ie. pockets, cellophane, strings, animation, musical device} are taken apart and searched.
  • Sports schedules and tournament brackets will not be allowed.