Shots Fired Again in Pembroke

Kankakee, IL‐ In less than twenty‐nine hours Sheriff’s Deputies have responded to two shooting incidents in Pembroke Township. The most recent call occurred on August 10, 2015 at 11:33pm. In that incident, an unknown person or persons fired at least 10 rifle rounds into an occupied residence in the 3500 block of South Main Street in Pembroke Township. None of the residents were injured by the gunfire but one of the rifle bullets struck the wall just above one of the residents’ head.
The suspect(s) then fled the area in a vehicle. Ten spent 7.62 x 39 millimeter shell casings were located and collected on the roadway in front of the residence.

The first incident occurred approximately twenty‐nine hours earlier. That shooting occurred on August, 9, 2015 at 8:16pm near 16000 East Road and 2000 South Road. In that incident, shots were fired at and struck several vehicles. One of the vehicles struck by gunfire was occupied by a grandmother and her one year old grandson. A second vehicle that was struck by gunfire was also occupied. It does not appear at this time that anyone was struck by gunfire in either incident. In total, at least forty seven rounds were fired at an occupied residence and cars with most of the recovered shell casings coming from a rifle.


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