4 Shot In Hopkins Park Early Saturday Morning

July 5, 2017 – Kankakee, IL – A Sheriff’s Deputy was in the area of the SS Friendly Market (2727 S 13000E Rd, Pembroke Township, IL) early Saturday morning when he heard several bursts of gunfire.  Several deputies responded after a large gathering had dispersed.  Officers located several shell casings/ammunition and processed the scene.  It should be noted, however, that despite the parking lot full of people and vehicles, deputies never received a call, nor had anyone remained in the lot upon police arrival to speak with officers about what had occurred.

Several minutes after clearing the scene, officers were dispatched to one of our local hospitals in regards to two gunshot victims that claimed to have been shot at the SS Friendly Market.  Officers responded to the hospital and spoke to the two victims, both of which were suffering from non-life threatening gunshot wounds to their legs.  Neither victim remembered anything about what had transpired or who had done the shooting.  Shortly thereafter, two additional individuals presented themselves to a local hospital with gunshot wounds, neither of which suffered life-threatening wounds.  Similarly to the first two victims, no substantial information was provided to assist law enforcement in the investigation.

“It’s disturbing and frustrating to me and it should be disturbing to residents that no one, not one person, including the employees at the SS Friendly Market called the police when shots rang out,” said Sheriff Mike Downey.  “The Sheriff’s Office has a good working relationship with the residents of Pembroke Township.  By failing to call police, all of the individuals that were at the location of the shooting put, not only residents of Pembroke Township at risk, but also all residents of Kankakee County.  Those who choose to fire weapons at a crowded market obviously have no regard for human life and need to be taken off of the streets.  Police need the assistance of all citizens to help get the bad guys off of the street.”

Sheriff’s Detectives continue to investigate the incident.  Anyone with any information regarding the shooting is encouraged to contact investigators at (815) 802-7150.  Those wishing to remain anonymous can do so by calling CrimeStoppers at (815) 93-CRIME.

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