Special Teams

ILEASOne of the primary missions for ILEAS is to coordinate statewide mutual aid for law enforcement in Illinois. For years, police and sheriff’s agencies have worked together locally and developed literally dozens of different mutual aid arrangements. Over 20 years ago, agencies north and west of Chicago formed a mutual aid organization called the Northern Illinois Police Alarm System (NIPAS). It was based on the Fire Mutual Aid Box Alarm (MABAS¬†) that had existed already for many years. Over time, NIPAS grew to include dozens of police agencies.

The State of Illinois is a signatory of the Emergency Management Assistance Compact, commonly referred to as the EMAC. As a member of ILEAS, any police agency in Illinois could voluntarily participate in requests for assistance from other States. In September of 2005, Illinois responded to an EMAC request for officers after the Hurricane Katrina disaster. The Illinois Emergency Management Agency reached out to ILEAS for assistance and ILEAS responded by sending 300 officers to Louisiana for a month.

September 1-4, 2008 ILEAS provided Mutual Aid in the form of 100 Mobile Field Force officers to assist the City of St. Paul during the 2008 Republican national Convention. Many police officers from our area including several Kankakee County Sheriff’s Deputies took part in assisting.


Major Crimes Task Force


To contact agents with the Major Crimes Task Force please call (815) 802-7140


Stolen Auto Task Force


To contact agents with the Stolen Auto Task Force please call (815) 802-7164