Additional Information on Recent Burglary Rash

Kankakee, IL – Sheriff’s Deputies continue to follow-up on tips and information regarding the recent burglary rash in the south and western portions of Kankakee County.  As attention on the recent crime spree increases, Sheriff’s Investigators have observed a multitude of rumors circulating on the Internet, more specifically social media and want to dispel any reports without merit that may be spreading in the area.

Kankakee County Undersheriff Mike Downey wants to advise area residents of a few specific trends:

  • Burglaries and Attempted Burglaries have occurred mainly at unoccupied residences, or at least what appear to be.  A few of the attempted burglaries occurred at homes that were occupied, but the would-be burglars fled upon encounter with resident and/or alarm.
  • Consistencies in reports indicate that the burglars knock on the door prior to forcing entry and kick in the door or attempt to gain entry through a window if no one greets them.  When someone does answer the door, the suspect(s) have said that they were lost and seeking directions (please try to retrieve a plate number and/or photograph of the subject(s) and vehicle if this occurs).
  • Case reports suggest that the burglary suspect(s) do not remain in the residence a great deal of time.  They seem to grab what they see or what is quickly accessible and immediately flee the area.
  • The suspect(s) appear to steal items that are easily transported (i.e. cash, jewelry, credit/debit cards, firearms, small electronics, etc.).
  • Burglary locations tend to be consistent during a specific time span (i.e. the thief(s) tend to hit numerous houses within a few square miles during a couple of hours).
  • Most burglaries have occurred off of main thoroughfares and appear to take place on isolated/desolate-like roadways.
  • While similar vehicle style/descriptions have been reported on multiple burglaries, there have been so many reported that the Sheriff’s Office fears identifying specific vehicles as it will likely cause area residents/motorist to concentrate on a select few.

“We will continue to provide updated information that we feel will not jeopardize the investigation as it becomes available,” said Undersheriff Downey.


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