Arrest Made in Burglary to Kankakee County Sheriff’s Police Squad Car

On Wednesday, January 6, 2016, a Sheriff’s Deputy’s Squad car was broken into and a Patrol Squad Rifle and bullet proof vest were stolen from it.  After over a month-long investigation by Kankakee City Police a suspect was identified.  On February 13, 2016, a 17 year-old male juvenile was arrested and charged with the burglary to the squad car and weapons offenses by the Kankakee City Police Department.  The Squad Rifle was recovered at an undisclosed location with the assistance of multiple jurisdictions.

“The fact that this suspect was so brazen as to burglarize a marked squad car in a residential neighborhood, remove items from the vehicle (including an AR-15) and be so bold as to post pictures of himself holding the firearm on social media is a true testament to the potential dangers surrounding this individual,” said Undersheriff Downey.  “Cooperation of police agencies in Kankakee County and our relationships with other law enforcement jurisdictions outside of Kankakee County, led to the apprehension of this individual.  We will continue to work together to get individuals, like this, off of our streets.”

The juvenile suspect is currently incarcerated at a juvenile detention facility awaiting trial.  Undersheriff Mike Downey praised the excellent work of the Kankakee City Police Department.

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