Detainee Released from Custody Damages Metal Detector, Spits on Sheriff’s Deputy

Early in the afternoon on Thanksgiving Day (11/24/22), 29-year-old Kameron M Woodruff of Chicago was released from the Jerome Combs Detention Center after posting $750 in regards to an outstanding arrest warrant for Driving Under the Influence, Leaving the Scene and the Unlawful Possession of Cannabis. As Woodruff was exiting the facility, he damaged the metal detector in the administrative lobby before exiting and encountering two sheriff’s deputies. As the deputies placed Woodruff into custody, once again, for the Criminal Damage to Government Supported Property, Woodruff spit in the face of one of the deputies on two separate occasions (both of which were captured on the officer’s Body Worn Cameras) as they attempted to secure him into the squad car.

Woodruff was arrested and taken back into custody for Aggravated Battery to a Peace Officer and for Felony Criminal Damage to Government Supported Property.

“This type of behavior in conjunction with the lack of consequences for his actions and our systems failure to adequately hold criminals accountable for their behavior continues to be problematic for law enforcement and our community,” said Sheriff Mike Downey. “The fact that this defendant, who has been booked into our facility at least ten times, can blatantly destroy property in a government building and spit in the face of a police officer several times moments later shows the disregard for law and order. Legislation being passed in Springfield continues to tie the hands of law enforcement and prosecutors and takes away discretion of judges which adds to the problem. Unfortunately, the situation will only worsen after the elimination of cash bail goes into effect on January 1, 2023. In fact, without demonstrating a clear and convincing threat of flight on behalf of a defendant (where the history of skipping court dates is irrelevant), this individual would not be detained” Downey added.

In the photos above, the photograph on the left shows Woodruff damaging the magnetometer in the lobby of the Jerome Combs Detention Center. In the center photo and the photo on the right, Woodruff is shown spitting on deputies. These are still photos that are part of video surveillance in Jerome Combs and video from deputies’ body worn cameras.

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