Illinois Rail Safety Week

During Illinois Rail Safety week, which runs September 14th to September 20th, the Kankakee County Sheriff’s Office want to promote safety for both motorists and pedestrians around railroad tracks. Did you know that Illinois has one of the biggest rail systems in the United States? According to the Illinois Commerce Commission:

  • Illinois has more than 7,400 miles of railroad track, the second largest rail system of any state in the nation.
  • Over 500 million tons of freight moves on rails within Illinois each year which is the most of any state in the nation.
  • Chicago is the largest rail hub in the United States and the third largest inter modal container/trailer port in the world, following only Singapore and Hong Kong.
  • There are over 50 railroad companies that operate their trains in and through Illinois, which is the third highest in the United States.
  • Over 20 million ton of chemicals, many which are hazardous, are transported on the rail system within Illinois each year.
  • There are 10,249 public highway rail grade crossings located in Illinois.

As the information above shows, no matter where you are in Illinois, you are likely to be around railroad tracks. When crossing railroad tracks, you must always follow the law and be aware of your surroundings! For more information about Illinois Rail Safety Week, please visit


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