Pursuit Leads to Apprehension of Known Offender With Loaded, Defaced Firearm

Sheriff’s Deputies attempting to stop a motorist yesterday morning (5/22/2022) for a traffic-related offense subsequently resulted in a pursuit that lasted several miles in the Pembroke Township area.  The offender, and sole occupant of the vehicle, Sh’Twan D Jackson, 29 of Pembroke Township, was eventually apprehended after a car chase eventually led to Jackson fleeing on foot.  Jackson was located a short distance from the roadway in a wooded-area with a loaded, defaced firearm.  Jackson is no stranger to the Kankakee County Criminal Justice System, having been booked into the Jerome Combs Detention Center more than a dozen times and having 11 open cases in the Kankakee County court system, including 3 open felony cases.

“If the community expects us to effectively fight crime, which they should, people like Jackson need to remain in custody,” said Sheriff Mike Downey.  “Unfortunately, our legislators tie our hands, and that of our State’s Attorney, by continuously catering to criminals instead of holding them accountable for their felonious acts.  When Cashless Bail goes into effect January 1st, it’s going to get much, much worse!”

Jackson is currently incarcerated on a $750,000 bond for the Aggravated Unlawful Use of a Weapon/Person/Loaded/No FCCA; Deface Firearm ID Markings; Aggravated Fleeing Police; Resisting a Peace Officer, and Driving without a License. 

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