Rash of Scams Reported Throughout Kankakee County

The Kankakee County Sheriff’s Office warns area residents of numerous scams that were recently reported throughout Kankakee County, which includes both incorporated and unincorporated areas.  As in years past, the Sheriff’s Office has received several reports as the warmer weather sets in and as tax season in in full swing.  Sheriff’s Investigators warn county residents to be on the lookout for several indications of a possible scam.

The two most common scams in the area include: (1) receiving an unsolicited call or email from an unknown person(s) claiming to be a representative of the IRS demanding that money be sent and/or threaten law enforcement action upon failure to comply, and; (2) the more intrusive, where unknown person(s) approach you in the yard or knock on your door offering a service to your residence or yard/driveway.  In many instances, these unsolicited scammers (often referred to as Gypsy’s) distract a homeowner, many of which are elderly, while one of their co-accomplice(s) enters the residents through an unlocked door and rummages through the house.

“It’s always important to exercise great caution whenever you receive an unsolicited phone call or knock on the door from someone offering some sort of service or threatening you for failing to pay a fine.  We urge all Kankakee County residents to remain skeptical about anyone that knocks on your door or contacts you out-of-the-blue and to never let a stranger into your home,” Said Undersheriff Mike Downey.  “Many of these individuals are very persistent and will often times threaten those they believe to be vulnerable in hopes of making some quick, illegal cash without being reported to law enforcement.”

The Sheriff’s Office encourages everyone to contact law enforcement whenever they get the feeling that something isn’t right (call 911 in emergencies and other situations where your safety may be threatened).  Residents should always try to obtain as much information as possible from a potential scammer (i.e. name, phone number, license plate number, physical description, etc.), if the opportunity presents itself.  Remember, we would much rather respond to or be notified before a crime occurs than to investigate a scam after-the-fact.

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