Scam Alert – Nov 14th, 2014

SCAM ALERT: Our Deputies have received numerous calls today regarding different phone scams in our area, most of which have been previously mentioned on our Social Media sites and Website.  As a reminder, we encourage everyone to NEVER give out personal information or send money (whether it be via Green-Dot MoneyPak, Check, or any other means) to someone that requests it over the phone.  Many scams prey on their targeted victims by disguising themselves as a Law Enforcement Agency (such as a local Police Officer or a federal agent from the IRS or FBI).  The perpetrators of these scams are often times demanding and make threats when confronted with non-compliance to their demands.  If the person making the call is from a legitimate organization, remember that you would have the ability to take their name/title and locate an official phone number on your own, obviously without receiving it from them, to verify the validity of the call.  Furthermore, Law Enforcement Agencies would NEVER solicit or require money over the phone, nor would we ever dismiss an arrest warrant if we received financial compensation.

As with most scams, the offenders often prey on the elderly or otherwise vulnerable.  Please spread the word in an attempt to prevent future victimization.  In the event you feel that you may have fell victim to a scam, please contact your local police agency.


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