Sheriff Downey Announces Additional Out-of-County Detainees to be Housed in Kankakee County

October 11, 2016 – Kankakee, IL – Sheriff Mike Downey addressed the Kankakee County Board at this morning’s meeting to announce the housing of additional out-of-county inmates and an increase to the Inmate Bed Rental revenues. Effective Saturday (October 8th), Kankakee County began housing detainees for the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE), similar to other counties in Illinois.

“At this point, we are housing ICE detainees for an undetermined amount of time,” said Sheriff Mike Downey. “The initial 75 detainees housed in Kankakee County could potentially increase in the future. We are committed to providing a premier service where we will treat ICE detainees with dignity and as required by ICE, similar to the way we always have with our other detainees.”

The Kankakee County Sheriff’s Office is preparing a list of qualified candidates for the position of Correctional Officer, as the need for additional staffing levels will certainly increase with the number of out-of-county detainees. Anyone interested or seeking additional information is encouraged to visit the Sheriff’s website at or contact the Sheriff’s Office at (815) 802-7201.

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