Sheriff’s Deputies Enhance Patrol Efforts During St. Patrick’s Day Campaign

As we prepare for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day weekend, the Kankakee County Sheriff’s Office reminds area motorists that deputies, along with other local police agencies, will be out in force ensuring safety on our roadways.  In addition to looking for alcohol- and drug-impaired drivers, the Sheriff’s Office will also be stepping up seat-belt enforcement, particularly at night when seat-belt usage rates tend to be lowest.  Speeding, distracted driving and other traffic laws will also be strictly enforced in an effort to maintain the safety of everyone while many celebrate St. Patrick’s Day during the campaign, which runs March 11-18.

“If you plan to celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day by consuming the symbolic green-dyed beer, cannabis, or any other type of alcoholic beverage or impairing substance, please make arrangements and plan ahead to ensure you and your friends make it home safely,” said Sheriff Mike Downey.  “Ensure your lucky-charm (a.k.a. your designated driver) is prepared to get you home safely.  Remember to buckle up, drive safely and slowly by remaining alert for pedestrians and be prepared to take the keys away from an impaired partygoer to ensure everyone gets home safely.”

If you suspect a motorist could be impaired, please call 911.

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