Sheriff’s Investigators Requesting Anyone Interested To Register Their Surveillance Cameras

October 26, 2018 – KANKAKEE, IL – As a result of the unprecedented and ever-growing numbers of residential and commercial structures equipped with surveillance systems, the Kankakee County Sheriff’s Office has begun asking anyone willing to register their address on the Sheriff’s “On Watch Program”.  The program has been established in hopes of assisting investigators whenever a crime occurs in a particular area where nearby homes/buildings are equipped with surveillance systems.

“Burglary suspects are well aware of the growing trend to install cameras in your house,” stated Sheriff Mike Downey.  “However, they are not counting on law enforcement’s ability to determine who has them and who doesn’t.”

Sheriff Downey stressed that the On Watch Program is completely voluntary and that any resident that registered their device would still maintain and own any content captured on their system.

“Sheriff’s Investigators would still have to request any content that may have potentially been captured,” explained Downey.  “This program simply provides investigators with another resource or tool to assist them in identifying any suspect(s).  This program should also serve as a significant deterrent to criminals as they never know whether or not they’re being captured on camera.  The numbers of cameras, not only on businesses front/side doors, but also facing main thoroughfares have made it extremely difficult to avoid being captured on any cameras.”

Anyone wishing to voluntarily register their surveillance systems can go to  Once registered, you can select to be contacted via phone and/or email in the event a crime occurs in your area and would like to review your Digital Video Recorder in hopes of solving a crime in your neighborhood.  Additionally, any resident(s) preparing to equip their home or place of business with a surveillance system can contact Sheriff’s Investigators for some advice on camera placement.

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