Swanson Federally Indicted

Tim Swanson was indicted by a federal grand jury on numerous charges stemming from alleged actions while he was employed by the city of Countryside, Illinois as their police chief.

The Sheriff’s Office was notified by federal authorities of the indictment and advised that none of the counts of the indictment are related to his employment in Kankakee County.

Swanson was hired in Kankakee County following his tenure in the Village of Countryside. Swanson retired from Countryside in good standing and eventually served as president of the Illinois Police Chief’s Association. During the investigation, it was confirmed that none of the allegations were related to his employment in Kankakee County and that policies and practices relating to revenues and expenditures and other safeguards that were implemented at the Kankakee County Sheriff’s Office eliminated the opportunity of financial irregularities.

Swanson established a 501c3 and accepted donations and other revenues to support the operation of their helicopter program while employed in Countryside, IL. All monies contributed to the Kankakee County Sheriff’s helicopter program were made payable to the County of Kankakee and deposited according to county policy. Similarly, all expenditures required a purchase/work order before any funds were distributed.

Sheriff Bukowski was briefed by federal investigators in September 2013 concerning the progress of their investigation and Bukowski elected to immediately terminate Mr. Swanson from continued employment with the Sheriff’s Office. Due to the sensitive nature and extent of the allegations against Mr. Swanson, Sheriff Bukowski met with Mayor Mick Porter of Momence where Bukowski explained to the Mayor the nature of the investigation. Mr. Swanson resigned on September 20, 2013 from both the Sheriff’s Office and the City of Momence.

Mr. Swanson was indicted Tuesday March 11, 2014 by a federal grand jury of the Central District of Illinois and faces charges that include mail fraud, tax evasion, filing a false tax return and money laundering.

For additional information contact the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Springfield, IL.


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