Merit Commission 1/22/14


The  Kankakee County Sheriff’s Merit Commission will be holding a meeting Wednesday January 22th at 1:30pm, to discuss:

New hire process
Adopting a procedure for conference call meetings

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County Buildings Closed


The Kankakee County Emergency Management Agency is urging people to stay indoors over the next 24‐48 hours. The weather event we are about to experience is a life threatening event for any person(s) not inside. With high winds and continuing snowfall travel is going to become difficult with some roads becoming impassable. With the combination of blowing snow and sub‐zero temperatures…

Merit Commission Meeting


The  Kankakee County Sheriff’s Merit Commission will be holding a meeting Monday, Novemeber 4th, to discuss:

Extension of current promotional list
Emergency extension of current certified and lateral list
Election of officers

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Halloween Message


In Kankakee County, there is approximately 207 registered sex offenders (over 130 of which register with the Sheriff’s Office), and we want you to know where they reside so that you avoid those houses when trick-or-treating. Please read the full press release or watch our video for more information.

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Cryptolocker Malware

There’s new malware out in the wild now and it’s one of the nastiest ever created. Cryptolocker is a form of ransomware: software that locks you out of something until you give it what it wants (usually money). It is currently being spread via an email attachment. What makes Cryptolocker so potent is its sound use of cryptographic techniques. Similar to the same technologies that keep us saf…

Stranger Danger Speech

Chief Swinford and Patrolman Powell gave a brief synopsis on the general workings of a police department and the dangers of dealing with people you do not know to area schoo…

Suspected after Manteno Oktoberfest Incident

On September 28, 2013 after leaving Manteno’s October Fest a 23 year old female was battered and sexually abused near her residence in rural Manteno. The victim was followed to that location by the suspect and received a significant facial injury during the attack.

On Friday October 4, 2013 Eric D. Wheeler, 21 years old, was arrested by the Kankakee County Sheriff’s Department for…

Watch for farmers during harvest

The Kankakee County Sheriff’s Office would like you to please pay special attention for farming implements on our road ways during this harvest season.
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Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle


Kankakee, IL – Kankakee County Sheriff Tim Bukowski reported the acquisition of a surplus tactical military vehicle.  The acquisition of the mine resistant ambush protected (MRAP) tactical vehicle fulfils a challenge issued by Bukowski to Sergeant Dave Zinanni.  Zinanni is responsible for all vehicle acquisitions and their maintenance in addition…

Kankakee County Triad receives outstanding service award

The Kankakee County Sheriff’s Office Senior TRIAD program received the outstanding senior service program award at The Daily Journal senior fair yesterday. The program was recognized for its continued efforts in educating seniors about financial exploitation and identity theft as well as educating them on how to avoid becoming victims of crimes. The Daily Journal presented a check for $100…

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